Prelinks v2.0

Just the Ticket

There’s only one place to start with v2.0, and that’s with the news that as of September, you will be able to buy tickets directly through Prelinks for the very first time!

“What’s the craic?!” I hear you cry. Well the launch of Prelinks Tickets means that there is *finally* an app that combines a comprehensive list of events in your city with the tickets to get in, and the people to go with.

Prelinks Tickets will include some great features – sharing tickets with friends in a matter of taps is very much a personal fave. On top of that, we’re really happy to announce that our tickets will offer some of the cheapest booking fees around.

Nightlife, Uncovered

We’ve been spending the summer holidays revamping our discovery tools so that it’s now even simpler to find great nights out and fellow music lovers.

Events can now be filtered by multiple genres, making it easy to unearth the best progressive-techno-jazz all-nighter, or that unmissable dub-indie-metalcore blowout.

We will also be tagging events so that you can rapidly compare nights based on their standout features – whether you’re after cheap drinks, quick entry, or unique performers, the world of nightlife is yours to explore and Prelinks your trusty guide.


Prelinks v2.0 is going to give you a whole new way to plan your next night out. As you use the app, V.2 learns about your tastes and preferences, ensuring that you see more of the events you want to go to, and less of the ones you don’t.

Not only this, but V2.0’s big ol’ brain takes into account what your mates like, too, suggesting events that will keep the whole squad happy.

One last thing

We’re getting really close to the start of our crowdfund, and your opportunity to join us as we embark on world domination. You can find all the nuts-and-bolts over on Crowdcube, where we are preparing for the launch of our campaign on 24th August.

Don’t forget to sign up in advance, giving you exclusive access to the crowdfund before it goes live to the public.

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Mad love,

Team Prelinks