Prelinks is Crowdfunding

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is about giving people the opportunity to back a business that they care about or believe in, whether they’re Warren Buffet or the Complimentary Breakfast Buffet.

In return for investing anything from £10, you receive a stake in the business and become a real-life investor in an exciting start-up.

Why are we doing it?

Since we launched two years ago, Prelinks has received amazing support from our professional investors. Their expertise and capital have helped us to build a platform now used by 50,000 people.

The backing we’ve had from our users (a.k.a. you?!) is, however, priceless. Without them, Prelinks would be nothing.

That’s why we want to give our biggest fans the opportunity to come and help us build something really special, and to share in Prelinks’ future success. No matter the size of your contribution, we’d love to welcome you to our team!

It’s an amazing time to get involved, too – we are preparing to launch in new cities (including London!), and to release Prelinks V.2 which is stacked with new features.

There is a lot more to come on V.2, so stay tuned!

How do you get involved?

The campaign goes live to our users and supporters on Tuesday 22nd, and to the rest of the world on Thursday 24th!

We are working with Crowdcube, the world’s leading platform for crowdfunding. They make it really simple to learn more about the business, and you can commit your stake in just a matter of clicks.

During our campaign, we are going to keep you right up to date with our progress, as well as giving you behind the scenes access to what we are working on and who we are!

We’d love to hear from you, and to answer any questions you have about Prelinks and the crowdfund, so please get in touch via our Crowdcube page!

Up Next

If you haven’t already signed up, please do so now via the link below. Registering gives you priority access to the crowdfund before it opens to the public.

Finally, if you know someone who loves Prelinks (or could grow to love Prelinks!), please share this opportunity with them! Our dream is to launch V.2 with 50,000 team members behind it!


Team Prelinks